Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 128 Thursday, April 11, 1996

News & Features

Trend in budget cuts points to 7-year plan
    by Jim Parsons

33rd SA Senate makes promises, sets goals
    by Liz Carter

Steering Committee discusses new system
    by Robert Schenberger

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    Cut the pork - we don't dig on swine

Wake up and pay the price
    By Crystal Brown

Astros fans have to face reality
    By Chris Pena

Life is a restaurant...and then you don't get a tip
    By Frank Rossi

On-Line Forum


Former Cougar boost Astros pitching staff
    by Andrew Ferraro

Runner brings 'quiet storm' to Lady Coogs
    by Jesse Coleman


Lifestyle & Entertainment

Local company uses UH site t o check building defects
    by Al Greenwood

Park Fest Preview !
    by Nicole Redo & Andy Stubinski

Concert Preview - "The Cradle"
    by Jennifer Elizardo

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