Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 129 Friday, April 12, 1996

News & Features

1996 Frontier Fiesta promises new attractions
    by Liz Carter

$1 fee opens door of opportunity for study-abroad experience
    by Liz Carter

Banks implement Thumbprint Signature
    by Jim Parsons

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    Blowing smoke up the wrong avenue

Dropping out of Cougar High with flying colors
    By Karl Rosenbusch

Vows can, should apply to everyone
    By Cheryl Price

On-Line Forum


Red takes on White in annual football game
    by Adam Burns

Coogs baseball to take on Baylor
    by Cougar Sports Services


Lifestyle & Entertainment

Concert Preview - Man...or Astro-man?
    by Chris Stelmak

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