Get fit musically with 19 Good Bones

by Brian Dear

Daily Cougar Staff

They began life as Spooky La Casa in 1990. In only 18 months, they had played every major Houston club, eventually stretching their boundaries to include much of the Southwest. Shortly before their second anniversary, Spooky dissolved.

December 1995 -- an unknown band debuts at The Beer Cellar on Richmond, giving the audience a familiar, but different sound of '70s music with a modern rock twist.

This new band -- 19 Good Bones -- relied on old Spooky La Casa staples with the addition of guitarist Robert Perez. The resulting sound is fresh and pleasing without sounding overly similar to everyone else. Almost immediately, the band developed a small following of loyal fans. 19 Good Bones spread its wings and began recording Welcome to my Bone Bazaar at The April Ballroom (the band's studio).

19 Good Bones has expressed little interest in signing to a major label. Bassist Grandon Westlund explains, "What can I say, we are control junkies."

The band does everything for itself, including promotion, bookings and recording.

"We are self-proclaimed guinea pigs at our own disposal," said Westlund.

19 Good Bones will perform Friday at Frontier Fiesta, located across from Entrance One.

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