What a drag

To the editor:

I am shocked and saddened that you allowed the photo of two drag queens to run on the front page of the paper Monday (April 15), with the title and caption printed ("A learning experience").

To imply that the young child in the foreground was "getting a real education" or was being "lured" (no doubt into the evils of homosexuality) is offensive beyond belief. To allow stereotypical and incorrect messages like this to be perpetuated in the pages of a college newspaper is utterly irresponsible.

Yes, the two people in the photo were dressed up for the festivities at the Westheimer Street Festival, a biannual celebration of the lower Westheimer/Montrose neighborhood. The outrageousness of some segments of the gay/lesbian community is an important part of what this festival is about. It's what a lot of people come out to see. The child's parents were hopefully exposing the youngster to the wide range of people that congregate for this event, not threatening the child's safety.

Please, as a service to the UH population that is gay and lesbian, or anything other than the "norm," take a look at the subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways that hurtful and wrong ideas are perpetuated. The Daily Cougar can do better than this.

Joe Kirkendall

staff, Optometry


To the editor:

In Brian Dear's "Practice what you preach or get outta dodge" (April 10), he fails in his attempt to lump all off those who oppose abortion into an "extremist" or "violent" group.

First of all, Dear libels Operation Rescue, an organization dedicated to nonviolent methods, which has nothing to do with these acts of terrorism. He fails to substantiate his claim, showing not one example in which Operation Rescue was involved in an act of life-threatening violence.

Secondly, fundamentalist Christians overwhelmingly condemn killing abortion doctors, though we do not approve of the taking of human life in their hands. One cannot be pro-life and then kill to achieve his or her ends.

Dear uses extreme lunatics such as Paul Hill in his effort to avoid the real issue of whether abortion, legal or not, is the taking of a human life. Rather than address this issue, he slams Christians' falsehoods, saying we don't care about the environment, children already born and the slaughter of innocents around the world.

The truth is that there are Christian organizations and missionaries working to stop war, feed children and rebuild societies around the world. Shall I mention the considerable charitable work the church contributes in this country?

Scores of pro-life activists are not using the Bible as justification for violent actions, as we've already established, the violent in the crowd are few and not respected, and the overwhelming majority of abortion protesters are nonviolent. When one begins to open his or her mind, and to really contemplate when human life begins and when it should be protected, those fundamentalist Christians may not seem so "extreme."

Jonathan Matthew Mower

junior, economics

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