Roseanne is a big disgrace

by Crystal Brown

So Roseanne wants to be a producer. I tuned into her new Saturday night late show, which is formatted like Saturday Night Live, to see how she would do. The conclusion: She sucks!

Now, part of the Fox Network's success can be attributed to the fact that it does produce avant-garde and off-color material. Shows like Martin, Married with Children and The Simpsons are considered too extreme for the other networks. Let's not forget this is the same network that gave us a bomb explosion on Melrose Place, where one person died and the bomber got off scot-free, weeks after the Oklahoma City explosion. How insensitive can people be?

I hope that all you editor-writing enthusiasts have got your pens ready! I know you will be just as anxious to write Rupert Murdoch as I am. If you put half of the energy you use to criticize Jesse Handy or Russell Contreras into criticizing a real racist campaign, we might be able to command an on-air apology from Ms. Lard Butt herself.

The skit in question: Two white women were at a Hollywood luncheon. One pointed out that Ms. Kidd (obviously an indirect reference to Nicole Kidman) was at the luncheon with her crack baby. The other woman replied, "Crack baby?" "Oh yes," the woman replied, "everyone in Hollywood has a crack baby. I told Howard to go in the inner city and get me one as black as night."

You can imagine the look on my face! It was like the little boy in Home Alone. First of all, it's not acceptable to make fun of people who are born into conditions that they had no control over. Miss genetically obese Roseanne should be an expert on this. These babies are in desperate need of medical care through no fault of their own.

Secondly, a child who is "black as night" has no more predisposition of being of a crack baby than a white baby has. Crack addiction crosses all racial lines. The dialogue stems from a Eurocentric, racist point of view. To assume that the darker the baby, the greater the addiction is ignorant.

So, does this make me a racist because I exposed this injustice to the readers of The Daily Cougar? Is it acceptable that Roseanne attempts to be funny at the expense of African-Americans and crack babies? Is it fair to assume that Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman adopted black children simply as a publicity stunt?

Whatever the reason, they are providing shelter, food and love for these children, which is better than leaving them as wards of the state.

Fox Television should be ashamed of itself for allowing this racist propaganda on the airwaves. And you should be ashamed of yourself if you sit by and let helpless babies of color be mocked on your television set.

Brown is a senior RTV major

who wants to see Roseanne barred.

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