Unified SA elects Senate speakers

by Liz Carter

Daily Cougar Staff

There was no campaigning, screaming or yelling during the election of Senate speaker and speaker pro tem at Wednesday's Students' Association meeting.

"This is so easy," former Speaker Jennifer Zuber said as she became teary-eyed.

Traditionally the Senate elects the positions in secret elections, but this year Speaker Jon Erickson and Speaker Pro Tem Brad Castelo were given the positions through a unanimous "acclamation."

"It's a matter of a unified party," Zuber said, referring to the Cougar Party, which won all Senate seats but two. "Last year they (senators) all had different platform issues."

Because of "similar backgrounds," Zuber said legislation will be easy to pass in the new Senate.

"We're not going to fight," she said.

Erickson said he plans to help the new SA by pushing senators to create and pass legislation.

"I don't intend to allow the SA to slow down," he said. "I don't have any doubts in the people elected (who ran in his party)."

Castelo said he will do everything possible to help Erickson push senators to create legislation and "avoid wasting time."

He also said he would use his position as speaker pro tem to increase retention, but he has no specific solutions at this time.

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