Rock en espa÷ol with Seres Ocultos

by Joey Guerra

Daily Cougar Staff

In the wake of grunge-infested radio airwaves and Pearl Jam wannabes by the dozens, a new sound is emerging.

The sound is similar, but in many ways, decidedly different. It's rock, but the words are in Spanish. For alternative Spanish rock band Seres Ocultos, the language is a link to success.

Taking the path carved out by high-profile Spanish rock bands like Mana and Cafe Tacuba (both of which have played to capacity crowds in Houston), Seres Ocultos emerged in 1994 with members Gene, Sonny, Eric, David and Eddie. Their philosophy, which, according to the guys, combines yesterday's occult ideas with tomorrow's philosophies, makes for an insightful meshing of ideas.

Seres Ocultos' debut release, ╦Sabes? (more of an EP than a full-length album), shows impressive production and skill from the five young band members. Songs like "Punalada Mortal" and "Mundo Azul" are quietly affecting, aided greatly by sharp guitar playing from Eric and melodic keyboard skills from Sonny, who also handles most of the songwriting.

Comparatively speaking, the music of Seres Ocultos inspires thoughts of the American sound of Smashing Pumpkins and the Spanish rock of contemporaries like Caifanes and Cafe Tacuba, but with a slightly lighter edge. Whereas the music of those groups can ultimately grate on even the hardest of nerves, Seres Ocultos keeps the beat listenable.

Having shared the stage with groups like Fobia, as well as taking a plum part in last year's International Festival, Seres Ocultos seems to be headed in the right direction. If the band stays true to its unique sound, Seres Ocultos will remain in the minds of fans for a long time to come.

Catch Seres Ocultos when it takes the stage at 9 p.m. Thursday at Power Tools, 709 Franklin (Downtown). A second show is also set for 4 p.m. Sunday at Club Equinox, 3400 FM1960, where Seres Ocultos will alternate with other Spanish rock bands. Both clubs, which usually cater to English alternative music, are now offering Spanish rock one night a week.

For information about either show, call Power Tools at 952-0356 or Club Equinox at 973-8229.

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