Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 133 Thursday, April 18, 1996

News & Features

Students take on active roles in financial aid struggle
    by Jim Parsons

Faculty Senate tackles retention problems
    by Amy Davis

Some say Clinton's appointees too liberal; profs report middle-of-the-road decisions
    by Robert Schenberger

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    Tragedy not only in our own house

Roseanne is a big disgrace
    By Crystal Brown

UH: Give a hoot, let's recruit
    By Chris Pena

We interrupt this program to bring you...SPORTS
    By Frank Rossi

On-Line Forum


Football fans: There's a new game in town
    by Tamara Lo

Cougar men/women each sign new player
    by Adam Burns

Lightning strikes the Coogs twice in Kansas
    by Cougar Sports Services


Lifestyle & Entertainment

Unified SA elects Senate speakers
    by Liz Carter

Texas-based director hopes to open doors for young filmmakers
    by Joey Guerra

Movie Review - Fear
    by Anoukin Mooshabad

Music Review - Seres Ocultos
    by Joey Guerra

Swoon to the sounds of love...
    by Joey Guerra

Play Review - Samuel's Major Problems
    by James Geluso

Concert Preview - 19 Good Bones
    by Brian Dear

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