... Open the doors; where are the people?

Town hall meetings just aren't like they used to be -- as a matter of fact, some of them just aren't at all.

The Daily Cougar dropped by Thursday's 11 a.m.-1 p.m. town hall meeting at the Satellite. Unfortunately, neither Students' Association President John Moore, who proudly announced the meetings April 9, or any other SA representative bothered to show up for the meeting. And these are the people who chastise UH students for being apathetic.

Without being specific, Moore said last week that he had "a lot of good input from students" during the first two town hall meetings. Perhaps he's had enough input from students to keep him busy for a while, or perhaps he's already tiring of performing his required duties. We hope it's the former.

SA - the vehicle that needs a little kick

On another SA note -- Wednesday's SA Senate speaker and speaker pro tempore elections were an aberration from past SA elections. Senate Speaker Jon Erickson and Speaker Pro tempore Brad Castelo gained their offices by "unanimous acclamation."

Past elections for Senate speaker have been marred by acrimonious commentary, parliamentary maneuvering and downright dirty politics. While this year's SA speaker's election was relatively spotless, it does raise some questions.

Out-going Senate Speaker Jennifer Zuber, who ran in March for re-election as Law School, senator knowing she would soon graduate and would not be able to serve for more than a few months, declared Erickson's and Castelo's election to be "a matter of a unified party."

Does this mean the Cougar Party senators, who swept all but two seats on the present SA Senate during the spring elections, are going to "rubber stamp" all legislation presented by fellow Cougar Party senators? Will there be no debate on the floor of the Senate? Will no one dare disagree with a "brother" or "sister" Cougar Party member?

Erickson said he doesn't "intend to let SA slow down." The Daily Cougar would like to know when SA ever started its legislative vehicle, let alone when it moved at any speed. As far as the student body could tell during the past year, SA never took its legislative vehicle out of the garage.

After the September 1995 fire in the Horizons restaurant in Moody Towers, The Daily Cougar called for building inspections of wiring in all dormitories and for fire and safety inspections of all UH buildings. We challenged the UH administration to produce any existing reports. No one ever produced any report.

Once again in January, February and March of this year, The Daily Cougar called for the inspections. We're still asking, and guess what, we're still getting nothing.

And where was SA all this time? Did anyone ever stand up on the floor of the Senate and demand the administration do something about fire safety? Sadly, the answer is no.

If the new SA Senate wants to get in gear, we'll be right behind them cheering them along. If they want to sit on their hands like last year's bunch, we'll be right there kicking them you know where.

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