Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 134 Friday, April 19, 1996

News & Features

U.S. Government denies visas to 2 Cuban student researchers
    by Amy Davis

UH Can Do Project shows kids can do well in school
    by David Monroe

Rockets, Mack arrest Outlaw
    by Adam Burns

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    ...Open the doors; wgere're the people?

This full house really has a big flush problem
    By Cheryl Price

Affirmative action is not a handout
    By Crystal Brown

On-Line Forum


Coogs face hurting Horned Frogs today
    by Andrew Ferraro

Sports Line!
    by Cougar Sports Services


Lifestyle & Entertainment

Pitt students victims of hazing
    by College Press Services

Movie Review - James and the Giant Peach
    by Aaron Neathery

Weekend Preview
    by Yvonne Dawson & Sandra Johnson

Record Review - Home Alive
    by Joey Guerra

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