Dieselhed goes for a hayride

by Chris Stelmak

Daily Cougar Staff

Dieselhed uses the old West along with the big city to tell a punk-country tale on its second album, Tales of a Brown Dragon.

Dieselhed grabs a piece of punk and another of country and blends it into a well-formed style. It takes a heavy lean toward the country side, yet Dieselhed is not anywhere near Garth Brooks.

The San Francisco-based band features two guitarists and two vocalists, which combine to give a certain depth to the music. The guitars are light and twangy while the lead singers harmonize. The bass and drums complement well with their deep sounds.

"Brown Dragon" starts off softly with whiny guitars and soft vocals, then roughens up a little for the refrain. "Wedding Song" is one of the highlights of the album, featuring light tunes and catchy phrases that will stick in the listener's head for days.

"Wipe Down the Vinyl" and "Pizza Box" pick up the beat yet keep the album's country twang. "Aladdin's Lamp" has some quick parts and some parts with a very hollow sound.

The album is paced with variety, and all songs are done well. Dieselhed's punk-country style is relatively unused and original. It's not as bland as country and not as used as punk.

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