Group makes big plans for courtyard

by Al Greenwood

Daily Cougar Staff

Improvements to the courtyard of the Communication Building moved closer to fruition Wednesday as members of a committee, formed to propose renovations of the courtyard, saw four proposed improvement plans.

One plan makes room for a coffee bar, said Lewis May, the director of UH's Center for Urban Ecology in the College of Architecture. "This one puts the school on the main street," he said. "The greatest thing is that you can enter into this space."

Another plan features a smaller terrace located in the far corner of the courtyard, making it less accessible to the public. "I think you could have a class there," May said.

He noted that the area will be wheelchair accessible.

The other plans include terraces where students and faculty could sit and study, as well as a projector that could show slides on a wall. Some of the plans also feature fountains.

"Every plan has night lighting, irrigation, furniture, ash urns and litter receptacles," May said.

Sobana Varghese, student advertising manager for The Daily Cougar, said she favored plans that would open the area up and draw more students in.

Jean Richardson, secretary for the School of Communication, said, "I'd like to incorporate both of them, the privacy part and the public part."

May said, "We're at a $25,000 range (for all the plans)."

Anyone interested in being involved in the courtyard renovations should call Fred Schiff at 743-2864.

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