UH student flavors Astros college night; Cougars QB to throw out first pitch

by Adam Burns

Daily Cougar Staff

Houston quarterback Chuck Clements will be showing off a different type of throwing style Wednesday in the Astrodome.

Clements will throw out the first pitch of the 7:05 p.m. matchup between the Houston Astros and the world champion Atlanta Braves as part of college night.

UH student Gabe Canales has been assisting the Astros marketing team in trying to make the event have more of a UH flavor.

Besides having Clements throwing out the first pitch, the Cougars cheerleaders will be in attendance as well.

"Hopefully, if people can come out and support this," Canales said, "more people can come out and support the Cougars teams in the fall."

College night is an annual event, said event organizer Erin Skelly, of the Astros marketing department. But, Canales contacted her before she started arranging this year's event and used his assistance to make the event more student-friendly, she said.

"(Canales) has been a big help in helping me contact the different organizations," she said.

Canales has been out pounding the pavement to increase student interest in college night, placing flyers and banners, talking to fraternities, sororities and other organizations and may appear on the Student Video Network's "Pirate T.V." tonight to help promote the event.

Having Clements appear would be more appealing to students than having an administrator come out, Canales said.

Skelly agreed.

"Students come out to see students," she said. "I just think it would be great if we saw a lot of red out there."

All students, faculty and staff with valid UH identification get three dollars off their ticket price.

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