Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 142 Wednesday, May 1, 1996

News & Features

English prof to be interim HFAC dean
    by Jim Parsons

Alumni downplay GPA's, stress need for people skills to grads
    by Lori Achman

Harris County report shows rise in child abuse referrals
    by David Monroe

Students cry 'honors!'
    by Robert Schoenberger

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    Oil Companies pump up the prices

Administration does listen to the UH community
    By Glenn Freedman

Burn, baby, burn: Oh, what a feelin'
    By Brian Keith Giovannini

College students must act like 'grown-ups' they are
    By Byron Bloemer

On-Line Forum


Astros defeated 7-5 by Atlanta in two-game series opener
    by Dominic Corva

Cougars find you win some, you lose some
    by Andrew Ferraro


Lifestyle & Entertainment

Universities get smart with ID cards
    by College Press Service

Transgender radio host protests discrimination
    by Lori Achman

Concert Preview - Ministry
    by Chris Stelmak

Record Review - Between Now and Forever
    by Scott Moore

Movie Review - The Substitute
    by Tommie Espinosa & Juanita Banda

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