Two wrongs ...

Mayor Bob Lanier was right Monday when he said there is a situation in Houston that isn't fair to the city.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Houston, it is not the FBI's sloppy investigation of Houston City Council.

Citizens of Houston should beware when the media, the mayor and other top government officials try to excuse alleged illegal activities of council members as common practice.

Although councilmen John Castillo, John Peavy and Felix Fraga have been implicated in the FBI's investigation of "minor campaign contribution infractions," top officials feel it is necessary to concentrate their attention on the political rift in the Attorney's Office, where the investigation is being conducted.

The investigation began after the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's Office suspected that some council members were accepting bribes in the form of campaign contributions in exchange for city contracts.

A sting was set up in which two undercover agents posed as investors who were willing to give council members campaign contributions in exchange for investments in the contract to build a convention center hotel.

Even respected media outlets have written these activities (investors funneling money into political campaigns so they can get a piece of the action) off as common practice. Congress and the state Legislature do it, so why can't government at the local level?

The FBI may have gone awry in its investigation, but the fact still remains that employees, whose salaries are paid by Houston taxpayers, are being investigated for illegal activities.

If local politicians were smart, they'd concentrate more on those who elect them rather than those who can get them elected with their large contributions.

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