Women underpaid

Women have come such a long way.

Oh, yes, we often hear this Cheez Whiz-filled consolation in conversations about independence, respect and equality. But when payday comes, women are left in the dust of greedy, self-righteous men who are sprinting away with the prizes women deserve.

Women have historically taught and molded America's children, just as women traditionally populated the schools as teachers and principals.

But it's not women who are moving up the administrative ladder or payscale in Texas higher education. None of Texas' four-year university chancellors are women. There are 16 male vice chancellors with an average salary of $165,209, and only three female vice chancellors with an average salary of less than $140,000 for doing the same job. Almost 80 percent of vice president and dean positions are held by males, and these men earn an average of $8,500 more a year than women who hold the same positions.

The answer these high-paid upper-echelon happy campers give to the lack of women on the top rungs of the higher education ladder is that there are not enough qualified women for the positions. Ladies, put on your rubber hip boots, because the crap pool just keeps getting deeper.

The highest-paid man in Texas higher education administration is waving his $353,015 in front of the highest-paid woman's $176,000, and the men are laughing all the way to the bank. It's time women claimed their prizes and leave the Cheez Whiz to the men.

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