Quorum Leap

Going once, going twice, it's passed by a narrow margin with four regents present and one on a speaker phone.

Board of Regents Chairwoman Beth Morian resembled a skillful auctioneer Thursday as she quickly read committee recommendations while the other three regents watched in amazement and only opened their mouths to submissively whisper "yea."

Regents did take time to giggle when Regent Elyse Lanier asked them to hold so she could close the bathroom door because her husband, Mayor Bob, was singing "Danny Boy" in the shower.

Morian commended herself at the end of the meeting, challenging anyone to finish a board meeting in less than two hours.

Although the regents' committee work should be commended because it saves a lot of wasted time in board meetings, Thursday's meeting was embarrassing and shameful to the university.

It seemed like a careless, rushed race to the end of a meeting that never should have happened. If the regents really cared about the issues discussed at the meeting, they should have rescheduled it so they could make their quorum and take breaths between the sentences in their speeches.

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