Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 151 Monday, June 24, 1996

News & Features

UH-Downtown contractor under fire from union
    by Al Greenwood

Rush, regents, rush
    by Amy Davis

Board pulls string on chutes
    by Liz Carter

Lee expresses 'disappointment' with high court ruling
    by Wade Wooton

Galleria Gala shows hope for man from Hope
    by Jim Parsons


Editorial & Opinion


    Women underpaid


    Quorum leap

Keeping up with the Clintons
    By Matt Mower

Things not overheard at GOP convention
    By Russell Contreras

APV controversy typical of divisive tensions
    By Thomas Gray


On Campus

Program features Asian writers
    by Ronda Bennett

Campus Spotlight



Young gun: Astroas Wagner boosts struggling bullpen
    by Andrew J. Ferraro

Hurdled out
    by Cougar sports writers


Lifestyle & Entertainment

Shakespeare's Sisters?
    by Joey Guerra

Girls in gangs camp it up with over-the-top performances in trashy B-movie
    by Joey Guerra

Arnold's latest action flick Erases the rest of the competition
    by Juanita Banda and Tommie Espinosa

Industrial music travels Westward for the whining sounds of relationships
    by Stephen Stelmak

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