Arnold's latest action flick Erases the rest of the competition

by Juanita Banda and Tommie Espinosa

Daily Cougar Staff

Arnold Schwarzenegger is definitely back in Eraser, his latest shoot-'em-up fest directed by Charles Russell. James Caan and Vanessa Williams co-star along with Robert Pastorelli, who adds the comedic twist to make the film this summer's true blockbuster hit.

Schwarzenegger plays a federal marshal working for the Witness Protection Program. When the going gets tough, he moves in to eliminate all evidence of his witness's existence to save their lives.

He is assigned to protect Lee Cullen, played by Williams, who encounters a scheme that will deliver one of the world's most advanced super-weapons ever developed into the wrong hands. Operating in secrecy, Schwarzenegger fights to maintain Lee's survival.

Schwarzenegger puts forth a thrilling, death-defying performance much like his work in The Terminator and True Lies. He keeps the audience on the edge of their seats and the action alive.

A virtual newcomer to the big screen, Williams performs wonderfully as Lee. Her strong will and aggressiveness do justice to her character, making her more than just another damsel in distress. Williams has already distinguished her career with remarkable success in music (The Comfort Zone), television (The Jacksons) and stage (Kiss of the Spider Woman). She can now add fiery leading lady to her roster of achievements.

The only setback to the film is Schwarzenegger's nine lives. He unbelievably manages to escape nuclear weapons, an army of federal agents, and a dangerous plane dive with a twisted parachute.

Take our advice and heat up your summer with Eraser, which leaves other summer films twisting in the wind. The action is nonstop, the performances are more than adequate and Arnold is better than ever.

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