Keeping up with the Clintons

What's Hillary Clinton's favorite song? "Our Lips are Sealed" by `80s girl group The Go-Go's. At least, that's the impression given by the countless denials and "I don't recall" statements coming from her aides in congressional testimony.

But when the Senate Whitewater Committee leaked its report a week ago, the information was instantly dismissed by White House officials as a partisan attack.

Hillary Clinton, you've been accused of obstruction of justice, a federal felony. What do you have to say for yourself? Well, that D'Amato is a really nasty guy.

In a recent interview, White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry accused the press of reporting on scandals coming from Congress which lack supporting evidence. The reporter did not follow up. I would have asked McCurry, "Which accusation lacks evidence?"

In the "Travelgate" scandal, notes suggest Hillary Clinton fired Billy Dale without congressional authority. Accusations flew, suggesting White House officials improperly used FBI files to slam Dale. Those officials claimed that the files were used for routine security checks. One problem: The files were obtained after Dale was fired. Is this what McCurry sees as a lack of evidence?

Evidence of guilt in Whitewater is not lacking. It's interesting that Hillary and her aides had many phone conversations the day Foster died, but none of them remember a single thing about them.

Those who surround the first lady make Joe Isuzu look like Honest Abe. Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, James McDougall and Susan McDougall were personal friends and business partners of the Clintons and were convicted on fraud-related charges stemming from their involvement with Madison Guarantee Savings and Loan, an institution for which Hillary allegedly provided legal counsel. Some members of the press said the trial had nothing to do with Whitewater, but one of Susan McDougall's convictions directly involved Whitewater.

And the recent FBI files debacle is just an innocent mistake, according to White House sources. It was just some low-ranking military guy who fouled up. So who cares that the guy is actually about 50 years old and a professional dirt-digger?

Not the American people. A recent U.S. News and World Report poll indicates that while most people question Clinton's character and responsibility in these scandals, that doesn't affect how they would vote.

This is evidence that adultery and deception have become acceptable in today's morally depraved political climate. Hopefully, we won't have to elect a murderer before we realize we've gone too far.

Mower is a senior economics

major who thinks crime shouldn't pay.

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