Cut administrators, not faculty

Russell Contreras

"UH is becoming a community college," according to Julian Olivares, chairman of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, because of the school's steady increase in hiring part-time faculty.

"UH is headed in the wrong direction if it reduces full-time faculty and hires more part-time employees," according to Lawrence Curry, associate dean of the College of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Communication, because of the so-called "belt-tightening" practices.

"The administration is doing stupid things and should be the ones taking pay cuts, the ones who should be hired on a part-time basis and the ones who should be given the boot after two years of service, instead of faculty," according to Russell Contreras, third-year columnist of The Daily Cougar.

Last Monday's report in the Cougar concerning the rise in part-time faculty hirings was further evidence that the path to reconstructing UH is heading downhill. The report did not focus on the hiring of grad students who save the school money because they are used (exploited) to teach lower-level courses at UH, but rather the recent part-time hiring of other people (struggling would-be profs from a variety of different fields) whose knowledge is exploited for the purpose of saving some greenbacks.

Such hiring practices are parallel to the practices of farmers who hire undocumented workers because they can be paid less, and they need the money.

UH is no different. The administration is okaying the practice of hiring part-timer faculty because part-timers can be paid less and can be let go without a struggle. Like undocumented workers, part-timers have no power (they cannot influence the curriculum development), have almost no chance of ever becoming tenured-track profs, and are an excuse for the administration to keep changing bodies to keep its power.

Instead of cutting back salaries for administrators and ridding us of useless programs like say, athletics, the administration acts against other elements (i.e., raising tuition, cutting academic programs, etc.).

The so-called mission statement, which is supposed to define the direction UH is supposed to go, better take this into consideration so that future students and would-be profs are aware that they should apply for a UH administrative position instead.

Contreras is a senior history and English major.

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