Chronicle can't 'See Red'

It's nice to see where people's priorities are every once and a while.

The Houston Chronicle ran a huge spread of articles Sunday about Texas A & M athletics switching conferences, and plan to run a section every week for a month, highlighting each of the four schools that broke up the Southwest Conference to move into the Big 12.

Then, as an afterthought, they will slap the two major universities that are actually in Houston, UH and Rice, together in one spread for week five.

Sure, there is some interest in Houston for Texas A & M and UT, but why would Texas Tech and Baylor, both hours away from Houston, rate a whole section while the universities actually in the city get only half a section?

One response is that the Chronicle is just focusing on football, since the college football season is about to start and the Big 12 is expected to be strong in the sport.

But the section also included a big story about how the A & M men's basketball team is just a few years from a breakthrough season, that basketball recruits will start flocking to College Station and that Tony Barone is really a wonderful communicator who just happened to have his whole team complain to the athletic director about him.

Hopefully, Conference USA and the Western Athletic Conference won't have to take a back seat to the Big 12 when it comes to media coverage.

Maybe the Houston Chronicle editors need to take a look at a map once in a while, or stop twisting their A & M graduation rings, before they decide which stories have priority.

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