Get the Twitch with Idiot Flesh

by Chris Stelmak

Daily Cougar Staff

Oakland band Idiot Flesh has shed its latest bizarre EP, Twitch, a follow up to its previous album, The Nothing Show, released earlier this year.

It is not surprising that Idiot Flesh has an unusual style since its stage show is often compared to Mr Bungle and Gwar.

Many of the songs have harsh beats with the music roughly starting and stopping, creating a different-sounding funk beat.

A lot of bass combined with a bit of whiny guitar results in some bizarre music.

The lead vocalist's deep-throated, gritty voice matches the heavy, low beats in songs such as "Almost Nothing" and "Invisible." The high-pitched, whiny instruments coincide with the voice he uses in songs like "Puppet Theater" or "Meat."

Idiot Flesh decks themselves out in costumes and face paint. The band's stage show has included vomiting hand puppets and oversized hands.

Idiot Flesh's music, however, is a bit unusual and probably will not be appreciated by most people.

The band's label, Rock Against Rock, finds that rock contributes the most to the destruction of our culture and the best solution is to fight rock music with itself.

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