Students are registered, ready for Super Tuesday

by James V. Geluso

Daily Cougar Senior Staff

About 150 students registered to vote Thursday at a table staffed by the League of Women Voters and KPRC-TV (Channel 2).

While many students were first-time voters, several were simply registering to vote locally instead of in their distant homes.

"College students have a choice of where to vote, at their permanent address or at their college address," said Beth Schneiders, of the League of Women Voters. "Often it's more convenient for them to vote here than to get an absentee ballot."

Schneiders and KPRC's Phillip Frear acted as deputies for Harris County, but also accepted registrations for eight surrounding counties. "We forward the registrations to any of these counties," Frear said.

Schneiders said, "I think the presidential election is what's getting people excited." Students who registered Thursday will be eligible to vote in the party primary elections, which will be held in Texas on March 12. Those primaries include the Republican presidential primary, in which Bob Dole, Phil Gramm and a handful of others will compete for the Republican nomination and a shot at the White House. Texas will be one of seven states to hold primaries on that day, known as "Super Tuesday."

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