Minding everyone else's business

by Vanessa Richardson

Contributing Writer

Good business relationships will lead to successful careers as entrepreneurs.

Students from the Entrepreneur Program and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation learned that lesson at a Guest Speaker Event and Silent Auction Thursday night at the University of Houston Hilton.

"A corporation is an individual -- an individual with a personality and a character. That's how you should look at your business," said Geary Broadnax, CEO of Allsource Inc. and Insynch Internet Systems. "Treat every business relationship like it is the only one you've got."

Ron Farmer, founder and owner of U.S. Signs, said respect, honesty and integrity are good practices for those starting their own businesses.

"Sometimes it is knowing when to say `yes' at a time when it counts the most," he said.

The Entrepreneur Program, a new major in the UH College of Business Administration, teaches students the academic and professional aspects of entrepreneurship by finding local and national entrepreneurs to act as mentors for students.

"If anybody's interested in starting a business, this is the program," Farmer said. "I don't know where else you're going to learn entrepreneurship."

The Entrepreneur Group, a 3-year-old campus organization, allows students of all majors to network among themselves.

"The main aspiration is to share what we have learned with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation with students who don't get to learn about entrepreneurship," said Tina Nguyen, president of the group.

Paula Salinas, a senior entrepreneurship major, said, "The biggest benefit for most people is being able to learn what a business is about, being exposed and being able to talk to a lot of business owners."

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