Case closed

No charges filed over December UC disturbance, UHPD officials say

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Despite injuries to four people and hundreds of dollars in window damage, charges won't be filed over the alleged Dec. 9 fight between a Texas Southern University student and members of the UH football team in the University Center, said University of Houston police officials.

Two large plate-glass windows outside of the UC Governor's Room were broken as a result of a disturbance which began at about 1 a.m. during an Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity party in the UC Houston Room, according to a report by UHPD Lt. Malcolm Davis.

The fight caused about $900 in window damage, the report said.

UHPD delayed investigating the incident since several of the individuals allegedly involved weren't UH students and were out of state for the Christmas holidays, the report stated.

The police interviewed a UH student who originally said she saw a friend thrown through a window by a member of the UH football team, the report said.

Although the witness gave police a written statement to that effect, she later retracted her story, saying she only heard glass breaking and later saw her friend getting up with a cut arm.

The man who was allegedly thrown through the window was identified as a Texas Southern University student, the report said.

Another TSU student suffered a cut on his arm during the incident, the report stated.

"He stated UHPD officers were trying to get the crowd away from a TSU student who was down on the floor," the report said. "He stated he was shoved against a glass window outside the UC Governor's Hall by the crowd attempting to leave. The weight of the crowd pressing against the glass caused the glass to break. The glass fell straight down, cutting his arm. He denies being assaulted by anyone."

Although police identified a TSU student who was allegedly assaulted, that student did not wish to identify his assailants or to press charges. An appointment was set for the student to make a statement, but he did not keep it and refused to cooperate, Davis said.

A female UH student suffered a broken foot and toes in the incident when the crowd surge knocked her down and she was trampled, he said.

The UH football player who allegedly threw the TSU student through the window was also identified and interviewed by police, the report said.

The football player denied being involved in the fight, or throwing anyone through the glass window, the report stated.

He told police that he was also pushed against the glass by the crowd surge and cut his hand when the glass broke, the report stated.

UHPD considers the case closed, Davis said.

No charges were filed because "reckless conduct cannot be established at this time," he said.

Police could not prove the injuries sustained by the students were caused intentionally, Davis said.

UHPD will reopen the case "if anyone comes forward with new, verifiable information," he said.

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