Muslim Students' Association helps make the month of Ramadan special

by Saima Afzaal

Daily Cougar Staff

Followers of Islam across the world are observing Ramadan.

"Ramadan is important to Muslims because our Holy Book, the Quran, was first revealed to Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, this month," said Akram Khan, public relations officer for the Muslim Students' Association.

Throughout this month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown, Khan said.

"The main purpose of Ramadan is to remember Allah and to give appreciation of all we have," he said.

Saba Syeda, president of the sister's division of the MSA, said the doors of heaven open and the doors of hell close during Ramadan.

"The reward from Allah for each good deed is multiplied by 10," Syeda said, paraphrasing a hadith, a quotation from Mohammed. "That is why this month makes you feel more conscience of everything that you do or say."

Mohammed Ali Mirza, a sophomore finance major, said that during Ramadan, one exercises self-restraint.

"You just don't control your eating and drinking, you control all bad deeds that are otherwise so easy to commit," Mirza said. "Ramadan helps me work on my weaknesses."

The MSA will offer a free iftar, the meal which breaks the Ramadan fast, to all Muslims Monday through Thursday at the A.D. Bruce Religion Center.

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