SA appoints committee members, approves budget, elects speaker

by James Aldridge

Daily Cougar Staff

The Students' Association Senate breezed through its Wednesday meeting, unanimously electing Jennifer Zuber speaker of the Senate, rejecting a bill creating a Campus Food Service Advisory Board, passing the SA budget and appointing members to 15 committees.

The meeting passed quickly, because the Committee on Internal Affairs was the only committee to propose legislation. The Academic Affairs, Student Life, University Administration and Finance committees had nothing to present before the Senate.

The Senate unanimously passed the SA operating budget, which outlines its expenses, the pay of the student leaders, maintenance and operations. SA received a total of $95,000 for fiscal year 1995-96.

The food service advisory board was not established because the original bill contained some language that then-Residence Halls Association President Shirley Hollingsworth didn't support. At the request of some senators and herself, SA President Giovanni Garibay vetoed the bill to make some changes that the Senate could approve.

Garibay said the original bill specified a board with three resident members appointed by RHA and three commuter members appointed by SA.

To the satisfaction of the senators, the Senate voted to have the bill rewritten to reflect more of a partnership between resident and commuter groups on campus.

Senator Andrew Becker of the College of Social Sciences is now the RHA president, and he said he will work to build more of a consensus in creating a board.

Garibay said the university wants SA and RHA to work together on this issue. The board would have the power to review ARAMARK (the campus service vendor) problems and have a voice in food service contracts, since the university will be accepting bids by the end of the year, Garibay said.

Sen. Brad Castelo said judging by students' attitudes about food services, action should to be taken expediently.

After committee appointments, Garibay outlined some key items coming up in the future. SA is now taking applications for Election commissioner. Interested people can drop by the SA office in the University Center Underground.

Also, SA and the university administration are proposing the creation of a universal student card that would function as an ID, Campus Connection card, library card and the like, Garibay said.

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