Intramural sports are a ball for all

Flag football, indoor soccer in full swing

by Adam Burns

News Reporter

To exercise or not to exercise is a common question among busy college students, and those who are not members of University of Houston intercollegiate sports teams may feel left out of the world of athletics.

Wrong! UH's fall semester is full of intramural sporting events available for all students' enjoyment.

Volleyball, track and field events, three-person basketball, racquetball, flag football and indoor soccer are some of the sports offered during the fall.

Mark Kuhlmann, director of the UH intramural department, encourages students to participate.

For a nominal fee, intramural sports provide students the opportunity to participate in competitive sports, Kuhlmann said.

"The good thing about intramurals is we have student referees, student scorekeepers and timekeepers, and student players," he said.

Kuhlmann said the intramural department is in charge of all sporting aspects at UH that don't fall under the domain of intercollegiate athletics.

The department heads the intramural sporting competitions; club sports, which are non-UH-sponsored teams, such as the rugby and soccer teams; and the weight facilities that are available for all students to use.

"Team sporting events are the biggest (most popular) we have right now," Kuhlmann said.

Flag football and indoor soccer are already underway, football with 72 teams and soccer with 22.

Some intramural sports are sponsored by companies that donate equipment and various other necessities. Sponsorships help keep event costs down and sometimes lead to discounts on equipment, Kuhlmann said.

Volleyball will be sponsored by 1-800-COLLECT, which will provide T-shirts to members of winning teams.

Intramural events usually take place at or around Garrison or Melcher Gymnasium.

Since the opening of the Athletic/Alumni Center, the intramural department has inherited the Robertson Stadium weight facilities, which are now available for use Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Most intramural events are $10 per team entry, or $1 per single or pair entry.

Tennis entries are due Friday; Volleyball entries are due Sept. 29; table tennis and racquetball entrees are due in early October; running-event entries are due in late October; and basketball-event entries, which include free-throw competitions and three-on-three teams, are also due in late October.

There will be a Fall Classic Basketball Tournament in November (Entries are due Nov. 3).

The Fall Classic helps raise interest for the intramural basketball season in the spring and trains new referees and scorekeepers, Kuhlmann said.

Five-man basketball and outdoor soccer are some of the events scheduled for the spring semester.

A full schedule of events, entry fees and entry due-dates can be picked up in Room 201, Garrison Gymnasium.

Any student may join intramural sports, but intercollegiate athletes may not join the same event in which they represent the university.

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