Brooks' loss necessary

Which University of Houston men's basketball team has Erik Williams been following? The only chance the team has to return to national prominence is to replace Coach Brooks (The Daily Cougar, March 3). If it means losing a couple of "prospects," so be it.

Personally, I don't understand why anyone would want to play for a guy who has demonstrated so clearly that he can't coach. Look at his record.

He is the only Conference USA coach with a lifetime record under .500. The team lost its 19 games this year by an average 17 points.

If, as Williams has suggested, Brooks is unparalleled in recruiting, why are his teams losing so badly? Even the victories weren't impressive; six of the first seven wins this year were against teams ranked under 275 at the time.

Brooks may be well liked, but that doesn't change the fact that he was in over his head. No one anywhere in business or sports (government not included) can expect to keep his job with a similar five year track record.

Finally, with regard to the recruits, whether they ultimately come to the University of Houston or not depends heavily on Brooks' replacement. Either way, according to the Division 1 Sagarin rankings, under Brooks' command there were 211 teams better than Houston. It can't get much worse.

Bruce McArthur, class of '78

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