Mix of aggressive rock and gangsta rap heat up a well-baked Bizkit

Chris Stelmak

Staff Writer



Now what would go well with a heaping helping of Korn? It would have to be a delicious Limp Bizkit.

Limp Bizkit takes a dive into the aggressive rock scene with its debut album, Three Dollar Bill, Yalls. The band has slowly worked its way up the scale, squeezing its way into last year's Warped Tour.

Being Korn's favorite band, Limp Bizkit earned a sub-headlining spot on Korn's new summer festival as well as a slot in Ozzfest.

It's easy to see why Korn fancies Limp Bizkit. The bands' aggressive music and brutal vocals share a common thread. However, Limp Bizkit takes advantage of samples and turntables along with rapidly paced vocals to send their music beyond Korn's.

The album takes off with "Pollution." The crunchy guitar and powerful vocals are the focus of the song. It earns its title as one of the better tracks on the album with the quick tempo and catchy lyrics.

"Counterfeit" follows, starting off with a whisper and a soft rhythm but building up into a harsh chorus. The song takes on a sort of hard-edged funk, with generous action from the turntables. The band's single grinds in and out, creating an almost danceable beat.

Just as the album begins to get old, Limp Bizkit tosses in a bit of variety. The band's cover of George Michael's "Faith" is a bit of comedy relief. The song's verses keep pretty close to the original. It is the chorus that becomes a bit warped, as well as the generous scratching that tears it apart at the end.

With "Indigo Flow," the band does something different, using a relaxed, ethereal flow of music to thank all the people who helped them out along the way in the lyrics.

"Everything" ends the album on the same relaxed note. The track has soft vocals and instruments that meander and float along for about 15 minutes. It's a welcome change and an excellent way to end the album.

With only a couple songs on the border of cheesiness, Limp Bizkit turns out pretty solid. The band's funky beats have rough edges that are far from limp.

Limp Bizkit will be playing with Clutch and Sevendust tonight at The Abyss, 5913 Washington. Tickets are $14, and doors open at 7 p.m. Call (713) 629-3700 for more information.

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