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Food (poison) for thought

Forget complaining about Aramark's bad service and unfair prices. Forget charging tax on untaxable food. Forget the oh-so-health-conscious menus we have to choose from. Good ol' Aramark is at it again, possibly causing food poisoning for more than 100 students at Sam Houston State University.

A committee is busy deciding who will provide food service for the University of Houston-System, and we have to wonder if Aramark's 30-year monopoly will ever end.

If the health department finds that Aramark was the cause of the illness, the committee should certainly consider that when deciding whether Aramark continues to reign UH.

Aramark should not be allowed to operate without regard to the health of its consumers. If they were negligent at SHSU, who's to say they aren't negligent at UH?

Whether caused by purchasing inferior products, or handling them unsafely, the food poisoning at SHSU could probably have been prevented, and if food-service giant Aramark is at fault (and it wouldn't surprise us) they should be held accountable not only at SHSU, but at UH and other campuses across the nation.

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