No one's listening, Russell

Every spring you can count on two things: Frontier Fiesta and critics like Russell Contreras yelling to the "turned a deaf ear" masses about how wrong it is to be a part of Frontier Fiesta. Shut up about it already! More than 20,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and Houstonians per year visit Fiesta City.

They really don't care about your white-bashing rhetoric. You talk about Frontier Fiesta being a racist event, yet you sling stones at white people. Let's find some identity here. Are you against racism and the supposed celebration of it, or anyone who is a lighter shade of brown? Take a closer look. The organizers of the event are made up of multiple races, and as a matter of fact, the head of Frontier Fiesta ... get this ... isn't even white!

Granted, in a time when the world was young and "take or be taken" was the going theme, people and countries killed others in order to get what they wanted. And I know this part is a stretch, but some of them had brown skin. Fast forwarding to "the now," today we are trying to diffuse our liberal cultures. Why must you try to force our attention to what we already know to have happened and cannot change? The past is just that - the past.

As for the individuals and the organizations that are participating, whether white, brown, black or purple ... good for them! While you are shouting into the wind, they are enjoying their integrated, open-minded college lives. Enjoy reading your book!

Calvin R. Pollard II, senior RTV major

who is not white nor naive

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