SA meeting fails to make quorum for second time

Brenda Tavakoli

Senior Staff Writer

Wednesday night's Students' Association meeting was similar to a prime time commercial break - it lasted two minutes and was ignored by most of the people whose attention it was meant to capture.

The senate failed to make quorum for the second time this semester. Only six senators and three executive cabinet members were present. Fifty percent of the senators plus one must be present to make quorum.

President Natalie Merritt called the meeting to address legislation that is still in committee. If legislation is not acted on, it will die when the 34th SA administration ends Monday, April 6.

"This is very embarrassing for the senate and for SA," Merritt said.

"It seems like I'm preaching to the choir, to those who are always here," she added.

Merritt thanked those present and said that SA will continue meeting until it makes quorum or until her presidential term ends.

Merritt and Speaker Nathan Wittman said the usual avenues of contacting senators were utilized. The SA secretary called the senators, the meeting information was posted outside of the American Cafe in the University Center, and The Daily Cougar mentioned the meeting in an article that ran on Thursday, March 26.

Both Merritt and Wittman urged those present to remind the other senators of their duties to SA and their respective committees.

Standing committees have distinguished themselves through a lack of action this semester. The Committees on Academic Affairs, Internal Affairs, Student Life and University Administration and Finance have not filed reports at the past two SA meetings.

Sens. Enrique Parilla Rojas, Engineering seat number one; Adam Taylor, natural sciences and mathematics senator seat three; Sebastian Villarreal, natural sciences and mathematics seat one; Randy Volkin, engineering seat two; and the senator holding the position of Speaker Pro Tem/social sciences seat three, were all removed as senators because of excessive absences. Senators are required to bring notes within seven days of an unexcused absence, Wittman explained.

The senators' removals mean that only nine of the 17 senators must be present to make quorum.

Present Wednesday were Sens. Charles Boyd, Leslie Brown, Mandy Erenwert, Raquel Garcia, Gerardo Ramirez, Justin Ray and Robert Williams.

SA will meet again on Thursday, April 2 at 7 p.m. The location will be posted outside the American Cafe.

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