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Rattaya Nimibutr

Staff Writer

Houston's music scene hasn't been a particularly fascinating topic of conversation. With the exception of a few struggling bands that sometimes latch onto headlining shows that pop into town with no opening act, the local scene has largely been a long line of wannabes who overshadow the real talent.

One of the latest entries, the not-so-cleverly named Daddy Warbucks, enters the realm of locals with Album #1, a collection that will most likely end up at the bottom of your "I gotta sell these soon" pile.

The four-man band shows off with acceptable hard-rock instrumentation, but that's about as far as they go. All the other elements that usually make up a good album have been sucked down the drain.

Every track on Album #1 starts off with a few seconds of somewhat solid rock, but after that it simply crumbles onto the floor, leaving any good qualities far behind.

Daddy Warbucks can crank up the metallic drives, and the band knows how to start a catchy number, but the minute they start singing, you may begin to wonder how these guys ever got any kind of record deal.

Not only does the vocal impression barely cross the legal line, but the high-school maturity level the band displays is simply annoying.

"My Lucky Rabbit's Foot" doesn't provide them with any luck to start the album, while "Tachinagre" is just plain tacky.

Album #1 should have been an instrumental project. At least that would have made it a bit more bearable.

I should give credit, though, to the cover design. A little monster guy can be seen peeking out behind the fence on the back of the album. At least Daddy Warbucks displays some originality.

"Behind You, Mother!" has some good sounds, but has just a mouthful of fussed lyrics, as does "Missing My Hands." The vocals are scratchy, and this band's idea of musicianship seems highly confused.

Daddy Warbucks is a long way from the big time. What Album #1 displays is simply an unprofessional, unfocused group of bored guys who may or may not end up making music their career.

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