Turn on the Water!

Regarding what Craig Brodd, lead plumber for the University of Houston Residence Halls' maintenance, said in the April 16 article about the water-system repairs at Cougar Place: Signs were not put up a month in advance notifying us of the water being shut off.

They were posted and put in our mail boxes only one week before the incident. Unless Brodd was the one who actually posted them, he was misinformed.

The Cougar failed to mention that on Monday, April 13, maintenance did not properly close the water pipes, and when I went to turn on the water, black dirt came out of it.

Also, the next day maintenance left more than 40 residents in building nine without any hot water for almost 24 hours. It was briefly turned on the following morning at 9:50 but was then turned off again at 10:00 with the rest of the plumbing.

These repairs could have been taken care of during Christmas break, along with the Quad repairs, or between the Spring and Summer semesters.

The residence hall managers leave their offices at 5 p.m. and go home to their cushy houses. They are able to use the toilet at whim, unlike Cougar Place residents who can only use the bathroom after 4 p.m. and before 10 a.m.

We should not be treated as rats and be teased with water. Heads should roll for this!

Lana Khawaja is a disgruntled resident who wants to shut the water off in Andy Blank's dorm and at the homes of the rest of his office staff.

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