UCS offers recruitment help

Cougar News Services

University Career Services will be holding a workshop Wednesday for juniors who plan to use campus recruitment next year. Campus recruitment is open only to students who take place in a campus recruitment seminar.

This workshop will not only cover the process for participating in recruitment but will also cover other topics including using a computer program to prepare a professional resume, handling employer requests for transcript information and researching companies you're interested in working for.

These special workshops will be 90 minutes, instead of the regular one hour sessions, because of these special topics. They will take place at the UCS office in the Student Services Building.

Another special workshop will be held April 28. For those students who cannot attend these sessions, regular one-hour workshops will be held in the summer and fall. Complete schedules for these and other workshops can be found at the UCS front desk or at the UCS Web site: www.career.uh.edu.

The sessions are also open to freshmen and sophomores who are eligible for internships. For more information call UCS at (713) 743-5100.

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