Reverend Horton Heat preaches the rockabilly gospel at stellar club show

Chris Stelmak

Staff Writer



Rockabilly rebels Reverend Horton Heat sauntered into town again last week to a packed house of loyal fans, and they did not disappoint.

The Reverend is breaking off his tour in the South promoting the band's latest album, Space Heater. The band has been around since the beginning of the decade and has a fairly large fan base.

Reverend Horton Heat blurs the line between country and rock to pull together a really strong style. Some songs yank in a little lounge or blues, but the majority of the music is fast-paced rockabilly.

Reverend Horton Heat's amusing lyrics shone through when the band played songs like "Bales of Cocaine," "Martini Time" and "I Can't Surf." The ironic tone has a wit that really makes the music amusing.

It was easy to see why so many people were at the concert once the band took the stage. The band showed what they were good at, rocking through several favorites off previous albums.

The stage presence of the band was quite strong. Dressed in an suit with a tiny, red bow tie, the Reverend looked like a cross between a used car salesman and a theater usher. Stand-up bassist and native Houstonian Jimbo made amusing comments between songs, which added a lot to the show.

The lighting for the show was surprisingly complex. The band was bathed in lights that really added the extra effect to some songs.

The over-used fog machines ended up detracting from the concert. They seemed to be running through most of the concert, adding little to the already smoky club and causing irritation to the spectators' eyes.

The Pie Tasters opened up the show with their fast-paced style, a successful combination of swing, ska and rock. The quick jumpin' tunes tossed out by the band fell upon ears of loyal fans who danced away as well as eager new listeners. The solid sound of The Pie Tasters really set the tone for Reverend Horton Heat.

Reverend Horton Heat and The Pie Tasters really know how to put on a show. The Reverend's sharp wit and tacky threads added to the band's country rock style that has pushed it to where it is today. There are few bands in the same class as Reverend Horton Heat.

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