Fans have wild night with Green Day

Rattaya Nimibutr

Staff Writer



When was the last time you found yourself singing along at a concert with a lead singer who happened to be wearing an audience member's striped pair of shorts on his head? Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong did just that as the band provided an insane, energetic and wild time.

When radio station KTBZ (107.5 FM, The Buzz) announced they were releasing 40 more tickets an hour before the sold-out show at the Aerial Theater at Bayou Place, traffic grew worse, and the excitement heated up. This show, which kicked off Green Day's American tour, was not to be missed.

The trio ignited the show with a bang. "Nice Guys Finish Last" was first, with everyone either joining the mosh pit or letting the metallic screeches ring in their ears.

Lead singer Armstrong's bad-boy smile and show-off charm highlighted the single, "Hitchin' A Ride."

The crowd got a charge from the music, so they decided to go a little insane, too. Many males in the crowd threw their shirts on-stage, and Armstrong put them on.

"The Grouch" went quickly by, but a previous single, Insomniac's "Brain Stew," was a welcome follow-up. Old songs such as "When I Come Around" and "Basket Case" were also brought back as the intensifying scene captured everyone with a strong beat.

Armstrong even gave one lucky audience member a chance to play with the band, and the classic destroying the drum set and other on-stage items occurred as the crowd screamed for more.

Having destroyed everything in his path, Armstrong walked out and predictably tuned up the hit single "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)," singing, "It was unpredictable/But in the end was right/I hope you had the time of your life."

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