UH alumni provide success stories from both animated and documentary filmmaking industries

Brenda Tavakoli

Staff Writer

University of Houston alumni are animated and documented, in a sense.

Two graduates are making names for themselves in behind-the-scenes work on both animation and documentary films.

Alumna Karen Dufilho emerged from the glamour and glitz of the Oscars a winner. She produced this year's Academy Award winning animation short, Geri's Game.

Though she did not give the acceptance speech, she was an instrumental part of the animated production.

The short centers around an old man who plays chess in a park, always managing to beat himself.

As a producer, Dufilho was in charge of the day-to-day production of the computer-animated short. She worked with writers, computer animators and production professionals putting together the film.

Dufilho works for Pixar, the studio responsible for blockbuster animation extravaganza Toy Story. The film was only Pixar's sixth short film, and the first to use the studio's new technology that creates the illusion of more realistic clothing and skin.

Another UH graduate, Rick Cain, works in a decidedly more gritty vein, specializing in documentaries and breaking news.

Cain's first documentary, Junket Whore, recently aired on the Bravo film and arts network. The program deals with the questionable state of the Hollywood press corps.

Additionally, he recently completed shooting on a behind-the-scenes documentary about show business. This program, Entertainment Biz, will air on the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Cain also occupies his time working for the Associated Press TV in L.A. and constructing yet another documentary.

This project deals with the conflict between Native Americans and scientists who are trying to lay claim to an ancient skeleton.

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