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Fees, fees, and more fees

Today, the University of Houston community has the opportunity to voice its opinion on something that will affect every student enrolled at UH, but might have gone unnoticed by the students at large until the fall fee bills arrived.

The issue in question deals with fee increases. These are the fees we pay every semester to supplement our tuition: fees for computers, fees for athletics, fees for the library.

The fees are a necessary part of our contribution to the university in order to maintain the conveniences we enjoy as students.

Under the administration's proposal to alter our fees, some are going to see drastic increases while some will decrease. Like it or not, changes will affect all of us in one way or another.

That's why we encourage everyone who is able to attend a forum on fees today at 12:15 p.m. in the UC Underground's World Affairs Lounge.

This forum is a chance to express our opinions to the administration, and we need to do just that. UH students have long been accused of being apathetic and uninterested in their welfare while the decisions are being made, then turning around and complaining when they don't like whatever changes have been implemented.

Of course, that reputation is deserved. There are many times when we act like we just don't care. But the Students' Association, our elected student government, is on our side.

It plans to hear what the students have to say, and if it's not what the administration is proposing, SA will voice the students' opinion.

Let's take our chance, then, to listen to the fee-change proposal, consider its effects and make our voice heard. Shaking off a reputation of apathy is something that must be done not only for ourselves, but for our university.

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