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Sign(s) of the times

We're sure the entire University of Houston community was relieved to hear about the recent signage forum, at which administrators unveiled their long-term plans for new signs strewn about campus that will make things much easier for Cougars and visitors alike.

The sign project, which is very comprehensive, involves new directional signs, street signs and building identification signs, all of which will be designed to provide the utmost in convenience.

What is more, campus entrances will apparently soon lose those cumbersome and confusing numbers and will be named after people who donate to the university.

That's such a great plan!

Now you can outbid your fellow philanthropists and buy an entrance.

Then people wouldn't be able to say, "To get to my office, turn left at Entrance 14," but rather, "To get to my office, turn left at the Isabel and Lloyd K. McMasters Drive (formerly Entrance 14)." See how easy that is?

And the new signs directing people around campus will undoubtedly be of value to us all.

Just imagine:

"Ezekiel W. Cullen Building. Watch for remodeling."

"Moody Towers. If you lived here, you'd be home!"

"A.D. Bruce Religion Center. The current waiting list for weddings is ___ months long."

"Fine Arts Building. Use restrooms at your own risk."

"Athletic/Alumni Facility. Not for general student use."

"Beware of Cushmans."

Seriously, it is a relief to see that the outdated and often moribund signs around campus are about to be replaced by more modern versions of a unified design.

With the number of guests who come to campus every day, and the increase in traffic we'll experience when Highway 35 is completed, UH needs an effective and easily identifiable signage system.

And new signs aren't all the administration is promising. Also on the drawing board are information kiosks that would allow one to ask for directions to, or information about, any location on campus.

We all know what that means: No more lost visitors and freshmen walking around, maps in hand, asking directions from anyone who looks like they might know where they're going.

If everything goes as planned, the new signs will not only help guide visitors and campus regulars, but will also enhance the university's image as a people-friendly, yet modern, place to be.

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