Home, sweat home

Hear, hear to Camilla McElligott's recent column on sweat. As a UH alumnus and sweat machine, I can attest to the omnipresent perspiration at my esteemed alma mater during the simmer, er, summer months. The column made me perspire, nostalgic for the good-old days of wet shirts and steamed-up glasses.

I never used the "sweat rag" approach during my undergrad days, but after getting engaged recently, my fiancee ordered, er, persuaded me to utilize a hand towel in her non-air-conditioned car after watching me bleed beads all over the passenger side one time too many.

So I've gone from a slacker student to a rag rogue.

Frank M. Rossi, Class of '93

No butts about it

Regarding Amanda Mahmoudi's column on Wednesday: I used to read your UH Cougar articles last semester and every time I say to myself "well this is the last time I waste my time reading such garbage.

But again I find myself very tempted to glance on one of your very shallow articles and read it, very disgusted. My recommendation to you is to quit writing if you can not write.

It's a pity to try to do something you can't do!! Even though my words seems harsh, I'm sorry, but that's the way I am.

I wanted to e-mail you since long ago but always say "maybe next time she will have a better view at things!" I've read your column for today and finally lost hope ... you are writing about "butts" in a University Paper.

For God's sake ... this is not kindergarten! Is this what you learnt in French and German cultures...?? I hope not!!

Please don't be mad. This is just a critique from a concerned reader.

After all I don't know you in person, maybe you are not that shallow in reality.

Keep well and try to write about cultures, Islamic issues (from your name I guessed you're one), problems of international Muslim students in American universities and colleges, etc. Such issues will concern the student more than "firmed butts" or "being lost in a bus"!!

Scott Harding, first-year law student

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