Cartoon catastrophe

This morning (June 22) I decided to pick up a copy of The Daily Cougar and to my dismay I was very displeased with your decision to print something so ignorant in your Opinion section. I usually do not read the school paper because everytime I do I end up reading or seeing something that should have not been published.

Publishing a comic that ridicules Habitat for Humanity is pitiful, and I can not believe anyone on the staff would publish something like this and not feel bad about how your readers would feel.

Even though this section of the paper is the Opinion section, I still think some things just don't need to be printed. Yes, I am a black female and I am very offended by what was published and I hope you never let something like this happen again, but it probably will considering you or your staff let this rude, ignorant and disgusting comic appear in the paper.

It is even more disgusting to see that will all the hate and racism in the world that this newspaper from a good school in a city like this would actually support all the hate and racism that exists and this paper contributes to the hate we already have in the world. Maybe the staff should think twice about what is printed, and by the way I sure hope the state is not funding your paper because if so the state should reevaluate your purpose and look at the things you are doing.

Tiffany Davis, junior psychology major

(Editor's note: The cartoon by Ed De La Garza published June 22 was a cartoon condemning the actions of the Ku Klux Klan and had nothing to do with Habitat for Humanity.)

HIH isn't just comic relief

I just finished reading page two of The Daily Cougar (June 22), and I was totally disgusted with your cartoon. Not only was it distasteful, but it officially showed me how ignorant your staff really is. I have read your paper ever since I have been here and I have tried to give you all the benefit of the doubt. But now I guess what everyone says is true. The writers of The Daily Cougar have no lives and take pleasure in assaulting other people. Thank you for letting me read what your dummies put out every day. The articles I read remind me why I am in college and what kind of person I don't want to be.

Neketcia Simmons, sophomore psychology major

Check all your options, take two

I would like to add a follow-up note to my earlier letter concerning the Career Planning and Placement's slow reaction time to deliver resumes to potential employers. After having the opportunity to speak with Denise Woodard from Career Planning and Placement, I have discovered that they are indeed a group that takes their job seriously. I heard a story about how a UH student lost an opportunity for an intern position at our company because the résumés were sent too late, but I am happy to report the résumés are on file here and will be used for future potential positions.

UCS, I have discovered, is a busy place. They do what they can with the resources available. Denise is truly a passionate individual when it comes to taking care of the students and sending out their resumes. UCS is a good option for finding the perfect job, but, they are not the only option. Use all resources possible when searching for a job or career.

Gary Gregory, Class of '94

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