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Home sweet lounge

For the second year in a row, more University of Houston students have signed up for housing than the buildings can hold, forcing 110 students to set up home sweet home in Moody Towers lounges.

Most students get anxious enough about moving into the dorms - especially having to deal with sharing space with another person.

But each of these lucky students is sharing a lounge with five other residents. At least the floors are separated by gender, or students would have to worry about all that testosterone running around in a space not even designed for habitation.

According to housing officials, the students were contacted ahead of time and informed of their lounging situation. But several residents said they never received a call and didn't know about their living arrangements until they hit campus on moving day.

Either way, doesn't two years' worth of overbooking signal the need for additional campus housing?

UH bigwigs have been discussing this for at least two to three years, and as soon as they have absolute proof there is a need for more housing, it will become reality.

More than 100 students living in lounges, with an additional 71 on a waiting list, seems to be a pretty big clue.

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