Workshops cater to student needs

Timothy Nesser

Staff Writer

The University of Houston Counseling Center is offering two new workshops for students, faculty and staff starting Oct. 6.

One of the workshops is designed to help students with parenting problems, while the other deals with social phobia.

Rosemary Simmons, a UH psychology resident and doctoral intern at the counseling center, is putting on these two workshops.

Simmons described the Parent Education Project or Family Skills Workshop as "a kind of support group for people with children. A lot of students do have children, and we thought they might be in a position where they need help."

"It's hard (to have children and go to school), but it's good to show them I'm interested in continuing my education," said Kelli Brennan, sophomore English major. "I think it makes it a lot easier for students with children to be around other students with children instead of being around 19-year-olds who don't know anything about it."

Social phobia also affects many students and staff on campus. This problem can hold students back from reaching goals.

"Social phobia is a fear of social interactions," said Simmons. "If you have social phobia, you will avoid (interaction) as much as possible."

Many students who said they suffer from less severe social phobia also said they were concerned.

"It's really hard ... when you have to stand in front of a class and communicate any ideas," said Chris Bucklin, a senior creative writing major. "(The workshop) is a good idea, because it is important to have good communication skills when you are in school."

Both workshops start this week and will continue weekly.

For more information, to set up an interview, or to register for one of the workshops, you can call the Counseling Center, or Rosemary Simmons at (713) 743-5414.

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