You might find a little bit of yourself in Dar Williams' enchanting Summer



Juliana Coutinho

Staff Writer

Her songs deal with parts of our own lives reflected through her experiences. 28-year-old singer/songwriter Dar Williams sings about topics we are very familiar with, such as friendships, families, fears and love.

End of the Summer, Williams' third release, has all it takes to be a success: great vocals, a good band, pleasant beats and stories we recognize in our own lives. All her songs are very personal and will ring your bell, in one way or another.

Williams' style is clear in "What do You Hear in These Sounds." She sings as if she is talking to you and telling how therapy once saved her life.

"My Friends," like most of the other songs on the album, has a nice, soft beat and reminds us of how indescribable real friends are. It's a quiet and peaceful moment - just a voice and a little sound of a guitar.

The title track is a highlight. "The End of the Summer" comes with the beginning of the school year, when people that you love have to go away, back to their schools. I'm sure most of you have had the same feeling at least once before.

The silly "Are You Out There?" describes late-night radio DJs as if they were heroes by keeping you company on those nights that you just can't sleep.

"Teenagers, Kick Our Butts" repeats the nice beat and vocals. Williams thinks teenagers are going to save the world, and she preaches that adults should always listen to what the younger ones have to say (keep this one away from bratty younger sisters).

"Party Generation" shows up with a nice guitar sound and a story of a guy who wants to party all the time with lots of beer by his side.

Williams is really good, and it is well worth it to go see her in concert, or listen to her at home or on your way to school. Luckily, the opportunity is right around the corner: Williams takes the stage at 8 p.m. tonight at Rockefeller's, 3620 Washington Ave. Tickets are $15; call (713) 869-8427 for more information

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