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New logo is a no-go

You may have noticed the new University of Houston athletics logo that now graces banners, T-shirts and endzones throughout the UH community. It depicts the word "Houston" in large red letters surmounted by a fierce-looking, beige, fiery eyed cougar.

Or have you noticed?

Apparently the athletics department thought you'd go head over heels for it. After all, athletics hired the design job out to the SME design firm of New York.

Not only that, but the logo cost a cool $50,000 - though UH athletics only had to cover half that cost.

The question is, why did the department feel the need to spend a cool $25,000 for a New York firm to design a logo which doesn't make everyone who views it orgasmic?

That cost would probably easily cover a UH student's education, not to mention books, room and board, dinner for two at La Strada, the Jeopardy! home game and a healthy supply of Jean Naté.

"I'll take Student Participation for $25,000, Alex!" This university does have a nationally recognized graphic design program, yet the athletics department did not turn to UH students or faculty to design a new logo.

It didn't even use the Office of Publications and Marketing Communications, which designs most official UH brochures, booklets and posters.

We don't mean to single out the athletics logo. UH colleges, departments and offices can also choose off-campus firms for design work.

Granted, it's likely that students could not keep up with the constant need for graphic design required by as large an organization as UH. But between the designers in the Office of Publications and the students who will someday work for design firms like SME, there is more than enough talent right here at home for our needs.

One can only hope that talent is more fully recognized in the future.

The Daily Cougar contracted public relations and advertising firm McMahon & Tate to write this staff editorial.

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