Death before taxes

I am disappointed with the Daily Cougar's biased reporting of events at Texas Southern University. The Daily Cougar gives front page coverage to TSU's "bailout" by state lawmakers, but a story covering the brutal murder of TSU Dean of Education Irma Malloy is published a week after the senseless crime was committed and is given second-page coverage, only after suspects were named in the case. Granted, both events were tragic and newsworthy events, but The Daily Cougar's coverage mocks the school's difficulties and does not pay respect to a slain educational role model.

L.T. Lindsey's story on TSU's financial woes is clearly written to ridicule, not to report. The use of phrases such as "bailout," "death row inmate" and "reprieve" make TSU sound more like a convict than a college. I question whether such demeaning terms would have been used if the school in question had been the University of Texas, or the University of Houston?

...Furthermore, since the murder occurred close to the UH campus, students should have at least been made aware that the killers were still at large. Instead, the story ran after suspects were brought into custody. Would the story have received more attention if the victim were in another part of town or if she had been a dean at a predominantly white school?

It is unfortunate that writers chose to cover these stories in such a careless manner. If the staff cannot find unbiased reporters to cover TSU, it should adhere to UH news only.

Courtney St. Julian

junior, speech communication

Editor's note: Actually, the story on arrests made in the Malloy shooting appeared on Page 1 of the Oct. 8 Daily Cougar. The second page to which the letter refers (this one) is always reserved for the Opinion section.

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