Pfilbryte offers a groovy Imperfection



Amanda Mahmoudi

Staff Writer

Pfilbryte: Imperfection

(Ignition Records)

Formerly a member of the hip-hop/dance group Dr. Octagon posse, Pfilbryte incorporates the same electronic and hip-hop influences on Imperfection, creating a completely unique and new sound.

His first single, "Merry Go Round," can be described as a very interesting poetry reading with some singing in the background.

In his lyrics, Pfilbryte tackles current social issues. An example is found in "Denied." Pfilbryte sings, "I spend my time in the unemployment line/Asking why, oh why, can't I find/The dreams I always believed were mine?"

Mixed with his mellow, laid-back grooves, the first half of Imperfection proves enjoyable. It is on the last few songs one begins to question whether or not one track is being played continuously.

"Electrafied," "Picture Yourself" and "The Beast," seem to melt together and drone on for an overly extended period of time.

Even so, these faults are easy to overlook, considering the exhibition of talent the rest of the album offers.

Pfilbryte's music is easy to listen to. Although the album is not exactly something to be played at a wild party, it can be rather entertaining. Void of many of the typically mindless, or rather pointless lyrics often found in today's music, Imperfection proves itself only slightly imperfect in a very groovy way.

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